Polisher:|Male|22-40 years old|Junior high school or above|Wage: 3.5k-6k
11, basic requirements
1.1.1. Have stable work experience, and have at least 3 consecutive years of work experience in general work positions;
1.1.2, can bear hardships and stand hard work, adapt to environmental abilities, and have strong learning ability. 12. Work content:
12.1 The development of the work of the post: including material receiving, processing, self-inspection, filling form, delivery process, inventory;
12.2 Implementation and implementation of safe production;
1.2.3, maintenance of local equipment
1.2.4, 6S execution
12.5, handover management;
12.6. Other tasks assigned by the leadership.

Flat knitting machine commissioner:|Male|22-45 years old|College degree or above|Wage: 35k-7k
1.1, basic requirements:
1.1.1, have at least 1 year experience in computerized flat knitting machine debugging 1.1.2, familiar with Hengqiang system or Ruineng system;
1.1.3. Have a certain understanding of the structure and parameter settings of the flat knitting machine. 1.2, work content
.2.1. Working position of turning needle position: gap adjustment of mountain plate and needle plate, adjustment of needle thread eating line position, form record, rework machine and reforming machine, abnormal discovery and feedback;
122. Commissioning work: including pick-up inspection, machine performance testing and adjustment, partial spare parts installation, inspection, filling form, rework machine and reformer performance test adjustment and inspection, abnormal discovery and feedback
1.2.3, 6s implementation: including the sanitation of the responsible area, the finishing of the tooling inspection tool, and safe production;
1.2.4. Other temporary tasks assigned by the leader.

Fixture Engineer: Full-time technical secondary school or above, 130 years old
Upper|Male salary: 7k-15k
11, basic requirements:
1.1.1, full-time junior college degree or above, mechanical and electrical related professional
Priority, 10 years of work experience in fixtures can relax academic qualifications
1.1.2, experience in tooling fixtures, inspection tools, fixture design and improvement;
1.1.3, skilled application of mechanical design software such as Autocad, Solidworks;
1.1.4. Experience in designing automated non-standard fixtures is preferred;
1.1.5, have strong communication and coordination skills, teamwork ability.
12. Work content:
1.2.1. Responsible for all the fixtures and fixtures in the assembly process of the flat knitting machine,
Follow-up of the design and production of the inspection tool;
122. Responsible for the preparation of process instructions for tooling fixtures, staff loading
Operational guidance and training during use;
1.2.3, optimization of production line tools: including non-standard automation, semi-automation
R&D, design, follow-up and feedback of fixtures;
1.2.4. Development of automation projects: including projects with other engineers
Purpose discussion, follow-up, implementation;

Mechanical R&D Engineer: College degree or above | 28 years old or older
Male|salary: 8k-30k
1.1, basic requirements
1.1.1, graduated from mechanical related majors;
1.1.2, skilled application Autocad, Solidworks and other mechanical design software, including but not limited to application software for 3D modeling, design mode
Prototype, mechanical drawing, etc.
1.1.3, have strong mechanical design skills, proficient in various mechanical plus
Work, assembly process, familiar with mechanical construction, mechanical materials, material handlers
Art (heat treatment, material surface treatment, etc.), there are aerospace military industry processes
Experienced by You Jia or Hengji industry R & D design more than 5 years of experience, skilled
The working principle of the flat knitting machine and the structure of the flat knitting machine;
1.1.4, strong sense of responsibility, good communication skills and teamwork
God, good character.
1.2, work content
1.2.1 Optimization and improvement of existing mechanical parts
1.2.2. Some problems in the production process of existing models and feedback after sale
1.2.3. Assist the Ministry of Materials and Quality Department in judging parts and components;
1.2.4, the sales department develops and designs according to the model requested by the customer.
12.5. Development and design of other new models;
12.6. Type test of parts, according to actual and development requirements
Test of parts

Quality Inspector: Technical secondary school or above 25-35 years old | Salary 4k-5k
11, basic requirements:
1.1.1, proficient in the use of various measurement tools, can understand 2D drawings
1.1.2, good execution and careful and rigorous attitude; 1.1.3, strong principle.
12, the work content
12.1 Signing and handover of materials to be inspected;
122. Complete the measurement of the product according to the drawing/inspection card and make a record;
1.2.3, carry out certain anti-rust treatment, packaging and remarks on the products after inspection;
1.2.4. Manage all the inspection tools, measuring tools, tooling, tooling 1.2.5, 6S management of the inspection area.


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